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Award winning cloud CRM solution

New cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system

Chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom - 27 March 2015

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is fast becoming a vital tool for businesses to stay competitive. Whether a company is large or small, there is nothing more important than its relationship with its customers.

Improved communications, logging and sorting of data across the organisation saves hours of manual work. In this connected age of mass access to information, as we constantly create and use data online, we leave a permanent record of our communications. This can be accessed by businesses to build detailed files on their customers, which can become a vital resource for improved business intelligence in a highly competitive market place.

The cloud based Prolocus CRM system, which has been in development for the past 3 years, is aimed at the small UK business and is designed to manage this wealth of information easily and efficiently and at a very affordable price. To help companies understand the true value of using a CRM system, Prolocus CRM is offering a 30 days free trial - with no commitment.

Whichever plan you choose, you will have complete access to the full range of features that help businesses stay on top. There is no minimum contract, no cancellation fee, and you have complete control of your users' access rights. Free updates, regular backups, SSL encryption and unlimited support add up to complete peace of mind for the small business owner.

CRM is all about information. Knowledge is power. Knowing as much as possible about your customer means you can provide the best service and ultimately increase lead generation, boost sales and increase your customer base. Prolocus CRM's advanced reporting capability enables you to track potential sales opportunities through the sales pipeline, to efficiently manage this pipeline and to mark your own defined sales milestones.

Prolocus CRM allows you to send SMS messages to your customers directly from within your account. SMS replies are also automatically logged against the contact. Incoming calls can be easily redirected to any other telephone number.

The internal chat feature allows members of staff to communicate in real time, allowing collaboration without the use of E-Mail.

Full E-Mail integration with Prolocus CRM makes bulk E-Mail marketing a much easier and more efficient process. Prolocus CRM will listen to your externally sent E-Mails and automatically log all communications.

Prolocus CRM keeps you notified about what has been happening on your CRM, which includes E-Mail notifications. You can set the type of E-Mail notifications you wish to receive.

The statuses feature allows you to categorise and group your contacts, to organise your dashboard and closely follow selected statuses only.

Useful information can be gained through tracking social mentions on Twitter. This can be leveraged to generate new leads that are looking for a product or service that you can provide. It is also a very useful tool for monitoring your online reputation whilst giving you the ability to quickly address negative customer feedback. You can stay informed without toggling through your customers' Twitter profiles. Instead, any mention of your company on Twitter will be picked up and logged by Prolocus CRM and can then be responded to directly.

The ability to create custom web fields holding any information you need about your customers and to group them into web forms enables you to build lead capture forms, support tickets or whatever else you need. These forms can easily be integrated to your website.

The data visualisation feature helps you see your growing customer base from various angles - for example, to gain a better understanding of the company's overall performance or to judge the best performing sales person.

The tasks feature is a simple way of creating reminders for anything that needs doing, meaning that deadlines are met and customers are kept happy. Tasks can be generic or attached to specific customers.

As your business expands, organising and keeping track of your growing customer base is easy to manage with the Prolocus CRM in place. Consistent logging of all communication channels improves your company's ability to listen to customers and respond in a timely manner.

Bulk import of customer data is simplified with a standard template. Exporting contact lists is just as easy: you only have to define your list criteria and then export the necessary data in CSV format.

Operating online naturally raises many security concerns. With Prolocus CRM, you can be confident that your company's data is secure and SSL security encryption protects all information sent to and from the system.

Today's 24-7, mobile customer has revolutionised modern business practices. With easy access to information, B2B buyers now come well informed to the market place and expect real-time, personal engagement from sellers similar to the best practices of the B2C market. In response, forward-thinking sales management is evolving to meet these expectations, with CRM becoming a vital tool to create optimum connectivity in a fast changing business environment. Prolocus CRM is rich in features and economical to use, the timely answer to this pressing need, where your online presence needs to be an integral part of your company's success story.

Prolocus CRM is a service and trading name of iShalaan Ltd. Founded in Chelmsford, Essex, UK in 2012.

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