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Your fully integrated SMS number

It allows you to send and receive SMS messages from your customers directly in Prolocus CRM.

How does it work?

We issue you a dedicated telephone number which is integrated in your Prolocus CRM. If you have deposited some credit to your Prolocus account, you will instantly be able to send and receive text messages directly from your browser. We issue all our paying customers a dedicated UK or Irish landline number. So all you need to do is deposit some credit and you are ready to go. If a contact calls your SMS number, it will automatically be logged in your Prolocus CRM and the call will be forwarded to your chosen number.

There is nothing to install or set up. It's not a problem if you do not wish to use our SMS feature. Just don't deposit any credit. That's it!

What are the charge rates?

Our third party service providers dictate the applicable rates. This varies by country and can change from time to time. It's impossible for us to list all the countries and the rates that apply. Especially that the rates change all the time. However, we have listed below approximate SMS rates so you get an idea of how little you will be paying. You will more likely find out that the costs deducted from your credit is less than you expected.

Competitive forwarding and SMS rates

No billing. No contracts. Just pay-as-you-go.

United Kingdom
Call Forwarding £0.01/minute*
SMS Messages £0.04/message*
Call Forwarding £0.01/minute*
SMS Messages £0.07/message*
*Rates are approximate, in Great British Pounds and exclude applicable VAT.
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