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What is Prolocus SDK?

Prolocus SDK is a powerful PHP-Based Open-Source Web Development Platform, which is designed to support the development of Web Applications, including but not limited to, Web Services, Modules, Web Resources and APIs.

Prolocus SDK provides a standard hassle-free way of building and deploying web applications on the Internet. It can automate the overhead associated with common development tasks such as providing prebuilt libraries for Database Access, Templating, Session Management and User Access Contol. It also promotes code reuse - which is vital for the performance and scalability of your project.

Who can use Prolocus SDK?

Anyone can download Prolocus SDK and install it on a compatible web server. It is released under the widely used GNU General Public License.

You can choose Prolocus SDK for the development of your own web application if you are a developer or plan to hire one yourself. Alternatively, you can hire our team and take advantage of our expertise, reliability and cost-effective development solution. Our developers are in-house and based in the United Kingdom - we do not outsource.

Using Prolocus SDK for the development of your web application requires a developer with knowledge of PHP, MySQL, Javascript and CSS. Get started with Prolocus Custom Web Development if you wish to hire our team. Alternatively, if you are a developer, visit the Prolocus SDK website for more details.

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